Surprising Sydney

I don't feel like a tourist....

Maybe it's because we aren't doing touristy type things?  I thought this first week would be like a little mini holiday; but, in reality, it is ending up to be a fair bit of work.  Sometimes, I am so preoccupied with the goal I am working towards (getting dinner, lugging the groceries home, buying extra hangers) that I forget where I am.  A couple things happened today that made me catch my breath.

I came home from getting groceries so sweaty from carrying them home - I immediately pulled off my sweater and went into the bedroom where there was a window open.  I felt like a needed a ton of cold air so instead of just standing in front of it, I stuck my head out it.  I was looking around  and realized that to my left was a direct view into the blue, gorgeous harbour.  I hadn't even noticed it! 

We were walking to get dinner tonight when I turned back to glance at something...  Looming up beyond our building was the Harbour Bridge - Huge and black against the dusk sky.  I've been looking at this for months in pictures and here we are walking right under it without really noticing it!
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  1. Susan Says:

    Welcome to Sydney! Hope you get settled in smoothly.

    :) Susan

    p.s. Beautiful blog template, I love it.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Welcome! FYI, this week is the coldest week I have ever witnessed it being since landing on this continent.

  3. Mimi and Joe Says:

    Thanks to the both of you! I've found the weather to be rather pleasant so far - Sunday morning was very very chilly; but mostly a sweater has been enough.

    Actually, I love that it is cool enough to sport cute hats & scarfs without being so cold that you have to hide them under many layers!!

  4. JM Says:

    Welcome to Sydney! Sounds like you're settling in just fine. :)

  5. the american Says:

    there will be times when it'll hit you - where you are, what you've done. i get it now even after four+ years here, especially after calling home for my weekly check in with my folks. it's a weird mixture of homesickness, elation, and pride for me. i'm glad i still get it. i don't want to take anything for granted. i think you're going to love it more and more. i'm happy you're in australia :)

  6. Mimi and Joe Says:

    Thanks JM!!

    @ The American - I am really hoping that this little seed of happiness takes root and grows!

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