Home Again Home Again

Well, we arrived back to Sydney last night to find rain and a 25 minute wait in the taxi queue.  It didn't do much for my feelings of homecoming; but walking into our apartment did.  I forgot all about our view - about the water and the lights from the city.  I had to run around to all the windows exclaiming over every familiar sailboat.

The cleaners had been during our absence so the place was clean and looked so darn welcoming.  Sleeping in our bad last night was a perfect end to the long holiday weekend.

I have oodles of pictures and much to tell you about; but I also have 2 suitcases of dirty laundry to deal with.  So, give me a few days to get myself in order and then this weekend I will go post-crazy with our gorgeous photos.

Hope you all had a wonderful Easter!

I’ve been putting off this entry for months…. I’m sure you’ve noticed

It’s a bit embarrassing how long I’ve gone without updating this space and it reminds me of my own frustrations when I was reading Aussie ex-pat blogs before I moved here.  The blogs would be full of information, pictures, details… They were engaging and I was completely hooked on them.  They would start off strong and then, as people got jobs and settled into normal routines, the updates would either come less frequently or stop altogether.  Even when the updates would continue, the tone would change in a huge way – it would go from Adventure! Excitement! Discovery! to Boring! Tired! Routine!

That’s about how I’m feeling right now…  Joe and I are both working full time so there is no time for me to go on little day trip adventures or to go explore a new market on a Tuesday morning…  Weekends seem sacred now – A time for us to recover from the week and to do things that are enjoyable to us (mostly that involves sleeping in and having quiet dinners with friends).  The idea of going on some huge trek across the city via public transport on a Sunday, quite frankly, makes me want to crawl back under the covers and sleep for the rest of the day.  I also don’t have the free time to spend an afternoon writing three or four blog posts complete with pictures.  Any of you readers who works all day and then comes home to make dinner and do laundry knows exactly what I mean.  The “me” time is the first to go away.

Not that I’m complaining – not by a long shot….  Joe loves his job.  I love my job.  We are perfectly happy with our weekends of indulged laziness.  I guess this is just my explanation (or my half-hearted apology of sorts) to you for not having more of an exciting life to post about.  

I’m not making any promises to be better about posting; but I do have some exciting things planned in the next few months that might make posting more of a joy.  Joe and I are going on holiday to Melbourne over the Easter break.  It’s only five days and we have a lot that we want to see and do; but I think it will be incredible.  We are spending the first two days in Melbourne proper and then spending three days at a B & B on the Great Ocean Road where we will get to relax and look at beautiful scenery.  I’m sure I will have pages and pages of photos to post after we get back.   There is also a tentative weekend trip to the Hunter Valley planned for early May with our two favourite couples.

The most exciting travel coming up is a 16 day trip back to the States!  We are going back in late May (Yay!  We will be there for Memorial Day) and returning home in early June.  I’ve know for a while that this trip was in the works; but we hadn’t finalised anything until last week.  Now that we have our leave scheduled at work and our plane tickets bought, I am getting practically dizzy with excitement!  I am starting to form mental shopping lists of all of the things I want to stock up on while we are there.  It’s a bit mad to me to think that we have been gone for almost a year.  We landed in Sydney on the 23rd of June.  We’ll be landing in LA on the 22nd of May – 11 months already gone on this adventure and it seems like it’s just been about half of that.