Eden Park - Part 1

Friday was my last day at work...  It was weird - I actually did a lot of work, got called into an impromtu meeting for an hour (all though, really, it wasn't surprising) and did a lot more work after that.  My manager got me a beautiful engraved clock with my initials and my last day of work on it.  I only cried a very little and I was very proud of myself for not bawling like a baby the whole time.  I had to rush out of work though, to make it to Eden Park in time to meet my family for round 3? 4? (I've lost track!) of saying goodbye.

What a beatiful view!  I am going to miss Kentucky so very much...

My sister Annmarie (she of the collapsible basket and photo frame noteriety) was in town for a wedding so she and her family planned a lovely picnic afternoon for us and also my sister Theresa and brother Andrew.  I'm not sure why I'm the only one wearing sunglasses in this picture - I ended up looking like the odd man out!

The kids were so cute - I was distracted and spent a ton of time taking pictures of them ( and especially Lilia who was into an absolute cookie-eating frenzy!!).
The three girls found a little wading pond and they were content to spend the afternoon splashing through it to run across a cute little bridge that went over a deeper portion of it.  What a great park for children...

The boys decided that they were champion duck scarers for a while and then they decided to completely switch gears and spend the rest of the time feeding them!

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Hi Mimi, I have been reading your blog, which is interesting. I think you're a good writer except for one thing - all the semi-colons. Something about the way you're using them makes your writing sound stilted. I thought I would comment since finally there is a semi-colon-free entry.

    A reader

  2. Meaghan Says:

    Ewwww to you, anonymous poster. Grow up and realize that a semi-colon can be used in place of a period at the discretion of the author. Maybe you need to repeat high school English, because I'm pretty sure they went over that.
    Here... these are for you ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

    PS to Mimi- Sorry to hijack your blog and cause drama, but that needed to be addressed. :-)

  3. Joe Says:


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