The First Day in Sydney

We stumbled out of the airport about 10 AM after clearing customs without even a second look with our crazy amount of luggage and started queuing for a taxi.  We got dropped off at the apartment building thinking we would be able to get right in the apartment as we were told that they were going to try to have it ready by ten, but it would be ready at 11 at the latest.  Ha!  We were informed that it wouldn't be ready til "somewhere around 2pm".  They let us store our bags in a back room and we took the laptop around the corner to a little cafe for some free wifi and some brunch.

The cafe was cute and we were able to get Skype up and running so we could tell Joe's mom that we got in safely and also post on Facebook that we were ok.  Breakfast was good - I ordered a bacon and egg roll and I was quite surprised to find that the bacon was more like Canadian bacon than traditional American bacon.  Very interesting; but tasty none the less.  We wandered back to the apartment only to be told that it would be closer to 3 when the apartment would be ready. Sigh....  So, we decided to start walking and see what kind of stuff we could get into to.

We ended up taking the ferry to Manly because we knew that would allow us to see the whole harbour, the skyline and some beaches.  The weather was cool and overcast so my pictures aren't the greatest.
This was the view from the harbour looking out into the Pacific.  We pulled into the Manly wharf and started walking off to explore when I realized that I had left my camera bag on the ferry!!  I still had my camera around my neck; but the bag with my cables and batteries was somewhere still on the ferry.  We ran back to check; but there was nothing.  The absolutely lovely ferry workers were so nice!!  They started radioing and checking things and told me to come back in 15 minutes.  We did and they had found it!  However, we had to wait until that particular ferry came back to collect it.  We ended up having about an hour to kill. 
We wandered through Aldi (which is a post by itself), got coffee and tried not to fall asleep standing up!  Our original ferry finally came back, I got my camera bag and I was able to take some great pictures even though the sun wasn't really shining....

This is the quintessential view of the bridge, skyline and opera house.

This is the view of the northern side of the harbour.  This is where Joe and I are mainly looking at apartments.

And of course - can't leave out these classics!

So, we made it off the ferry in one piece and came back to the apartment.  We each took about an hour long shower, took a three hour nap and then ordered Thai food in around 8.  We made it till about 9:30 before just had to drag ourselves back to bed!
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  1. the american Says:

    hmm, trying to stay up past 9pm...sounds about right. have you woken up at 3am completely wide awake? jet lag sucks. i think if you want to stay car-less in sydney, you'll need to stay close to the city so you can ferry in. good luck with everything! (p.s. you won't feel settled in until your stuff arrives. i didn't feel settled until my books arrived! oh what a day!!)

  2. lilDdownunder Says:

    The American hit the nail on the head...struggling to stay up til 9, waking up waaaaay too early, jetlag sucks! I was surprised to get a comment from you a half hour ago- I was in bed by about 8 the first week or so I got back. Hope you are settling in nicely. We should do a YDU meetup or just a girls meetup or something when you are adjusted and up for it.

  3. Mimi and Joe Says:

    Ugh - I'm trying... It's almost nine now and I am praying that I will be able to stay up till after 9. It stinks cause I'd live to stay up till about 11 so I could call people back in the states. We've mostly just been connecting in the mornings here. I made the mistake of drinking a bunch of wine with dinner so now I just feel weepy and tired. :(

    Our stuff isn't supposed to arrive till the end of August so I have a very very long way to go until I feel settled. Erg - just kinda a crappy night tonight.

  4. CoryAlayne Says:

    By the way... that pic of the opera house? That's not a pic you found on Google, that's a pic YOU TOOK... cause you were THERE.


    Just pointing that out becausen I know you will like the thought.

  5. Mimi and Joe Says:

    @ Cory - Bwah ha ha ha ha ha, Awesome...

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