The Surprise Revealed!

I know I've been tantalizing you with this whole surprise thing; but I assure you there was no one more curious than me!  Well, my surprise was a lovely farewell dinner/girls night out that my friend Amanda planned for me.  It was completely wonderful seeing everyone all in one place - the margaritas were pretty awesome too!

It is just so surreal to think that I won't be seeing all these fabulous ladies again for quite a while.  Well, I'll be seeing them on Sunday for Amanda's bridal shower but you know what I mean...  The surprise was slightly less surprising as I happened to read Ashley's status on Facebook right before we left for the restaurant.  It read something like, "Going to have a beer with some friends who are moving to Sydney Australia."  I was like "Hey, I'm going to Sydney.... Oh..."  So, I knew at least that Ashley was going to be there!  I was surprised to see Geri, Rachel, Tricia, Donna, Jenni and Dave though! 

Thanks again guys - It was really so fabulous to see you all!!

I'll miss all of you to absolute bunches!
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  1. Rachael Says:

    Aww it was such a fun dinner:) Can't wait to see you again next Sunday before I have to go for a long time until I get my next Mimi fix! I'm so excited for you and Joe and cannot wait to hear about all of your fabulous adventures! Love you!

  2. Mimi and Joe Says:

    Thanks Rachel - Love you too!!

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