The Last Day

Today was full of lasts:

Last Pedicure at V-Spa nails - went with my Mother-in-law, got polka dots, fun for all...

Last shopping trip to Kroger - Quick, sad...

Last American money spent - at Kroger, a buck fifty from the bottom of my purse.  Now all I have left is Aussie money.

Last day of occupancy in my home house - sweaty, exhausting and not as sad as I thought it would be.

Last time driving a car on the right side of the road (or at all since we aren't planning to buy one in Australia) - freeing... worried about the whole relying on public transit thing.

Last time I made payments on some bills - making the final payment on stuff is the best feeling in the world!

Last prescription filled in the states (without insurance) - very expensive!!

Last dinner sitting around with Mom and Dad - Yummy wild turkey tenders, bittersweet.

Last trip to Graeter's  - Sweet, funny.

Well, the clothes are laid out, the suitcases are packed and I don't think I could be any more prepared if I had another week.  I'm not sure if we are ready; but we certainly are prepared!  Please pray for safe travels for us over the next three days (that even sounds insane doesn't it?) and hopefully I'll have an update once we land!
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  1. lilDdownunder Says:

    You're on a plane right now somewhere over the Pacific I'm assuming and I hope you are safe and comfortable. Can't wait to hear how the flight went and your first impressions of it here :)

  2. Elsja Says:

    You're almost there!! Congrats and good luck!!! Enjoy the flights. :)

  3. Meaghan Says:

    Can't wait to hear that you're safe and sound.

    Love you guys!!

  4. Mimi and Joe Says:

    Thanks Ladies!!!!! So far so good :)

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