The Second & Third Day

Well, Saturday was a ton of fun.  Our new friends Scott and Tracy came and picked us up at our apartment and took us back out to Manly to meet a friend of theirs and to see his apartment.  We got a good idea of what Manly real estate was like and we definitely decided to expand our search out there. We had lunch at a little cafe where I asked for an ice water with lemon.  Apparently that is a very foreign concept there - I caused some confusion!  The waitress kept asking me, "You want a plain water with ice and a slice of lemon in it?  You want the lemon right in the water?"  Oh boy....

Joe and I love Manly - the beach is really breathtaking.  When we got back to their house, Tracy and I spent some time looking on-line for apartments in Manly and we found some really great ones.  Joe has really taken the proverbial real estate bull by the horns and has been scheduling viewings left and right.  We saw a very very horrifying apartment downtown today.  Ugh - hopefully the ones in the suburbs will be nicer.

We ended up staying at Scott and Tracy's for dinner (yummy steaks) and overnight (heaven to sleep in a bed that didn't feel like a sack of rocks).  We went to their son's ice hockey game early the next morning and then headed off to Hillsong for worship.  What an incredible church!  Joe and I loved it and we will definitely be going back.

After church, we had Scott and Tracy drop us at the train station.  I was quite proud of us - we figured out how to buy tickets from the automated machine, how to read the maps and figure out which line and exchange we needed and how to switch trains to get back to Circular Quay (pronounced key....weird...)

We got back safe and sound just in time for some dinner and bed.

Monday (today still) was a boring, horrible but necessary day.  Boring in the sense that we caught up on shopping, Joe scheduled apartment viewings and I did laundry.  Horrible in the sense that we realized that we left Joe's garment bag in the taxi and they said they didnt' have it.  So, we are missing a couple suits, vests, suit pants, sport coats and every tie that Joe owns (many that were brand new that we bought right before we left).  So.... we have to make a big expensive shopping trip this week before he starts work.  Major sad face here people.

I am realizing that homesickness is like grief.  When things are going great it is easy to push aside the sadness to focus on the wonderful things in front of you.  When things get hard, sad or stressful; the sadness bubbles up under everything.  It makes it really difficult to ignore.  I had wine with dinner and that seems to only have compounded the problem.  I'm ok, I'm still excited about being here - just sad tonight...
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  1. lilDdownunder Says:

    You said it perfectly- when it's great, you focus on the wonderful and when it sucks, you focus on being sad. I don't know what came over me yesterday, but we saw Get Him to the Greek and I howled with laughter all through it and then we got out in to the mall and had to do grocery shopping and a sales lady was rude to me and I nearly cried and felt like that the rest of the weird. Hope tomorrow is a better day for you guys.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    I am so, so sorry about the garment bag :(
    I am so proud of your sense of direction and ability to navigate a giant, different city on the bottom of the world!
    Love reading your blog, Meems - it feels like you're a laugh away.

  3. Mimi and Joe Says:

    Hey T - we found the garment bag today (there will be a post to come on that) and today was much much better. I'm actually sailing pretty high today - just hope no one puts a hole in my parachute!!

    Yeah D, I've felt great today; but I know that if there was some big stressful event tonight - I would fall right apart! So weird how the moods can swing :(

  4. CoryAlayne Says:

    HOW COOL IS HILLSONG?? Their website is gorgeous. Are you still going there?

  5. Mimi and Joe Says:

    @ Cory, well we've tried two of the three campuses that are within travel distance for us. One we loved; but it's a really long commute, the second one is a bit closer; but we didn't like it as much. I am hoping that the third (and closest) is the one we will like the most. I've been sick the last two weekends (medication issues) so we haven't been to check it out yet. But, yea - they are incredible!

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