Ready for the Movers

I took this photo on Sunday night before the movers came.  I thought it might be fun to point out ten random things that we are taking to Sydney:

1.) The super fab collapsible basket that my sister Annmarie got for me (it is going to be my "going to market" basket)
2.) A whole laundry basket filled with dryer sheets and Bath & Body Works stuff!
3.) 8 Yankee Candles (Hey, I have to have the necessities of life right?)
4.) My Kitchen Aid Mixer
5.) My mom's sewing box
6.) A beautiful photo frame that my sister Annmarie made for me (Wow Annie! you are rockin' this post!)
7.) The horrifying but sentimental vase that we did our wedding sand ceremony in
8.) A whole rolling case full of scrap booking stuff (evil laugh - and you all wonder what I will do with my time there...)
9.) Hydrogen Perioxide
10.)  Joe's two enormous computer monitors
2 Responses
  1. JM Says:

    Good call with the Yankee candles. I looked on Amazon not long ago and you can't ship those over here. (I looove candles.)

  2. Mimi and Joe Says:

    I don't want to be one of those crazy Americans that brings everything with her and never trys out the local brands - I am looking forward to discovering new stuff... But, I also know that in the first few months I am going to want to have some familiar things around me :) Plus, good-smelly stuff always makes me happy!

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