Memorial Day

I realized this Memorial Day that it was the last one I will be celebrating in the States for a while...  I don't think you truly understand how patriotic you are until you are faced with leaving your country.  At a baseball game the other night, I cried my way through the Star Spangled Banner as I realized that I would be hearing a very different national anthem from here on out. 

Maybe it was that sense of melancholy that effected my whole day? Regardless, I really struggled through a day filled with lots of stress, fear and sadness.  I very sharply felt my parent's absence more that day than most.

So, I turned to cooking and made a fabulous red white & blue pie.  The blue was provided by the blackberries, the red by the strawberries/raspberries and the scoop of vanilla ice cream on top was the white.  Quite festive and tasty!  Made me feel lots better to be baking in my kitchen.... Another thing I won't be doing too much longer.

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