Eden Park - Part 2

After the lovely lunch and playing in the park we walked down to Krohn's Conservatory to see the butterfly exhibit they had going on there.  Of course - beautiful pictures ensued:  Well, if beautiful means hot and sweaty that is...
First we walked through some sort of green house area that had a very cool waterfall.  They had a lot of tropical plants and many that my sisters and I recognized as some of my mom's favorites.
This tropical hibiscus was just so flashy I had to take a picture!  Mom always grew red and pink ones and this was the first time I had seen an orange one!
And, of course, there were some flashy ladies there as well!!

Walking through to the butterfly exhibit, we saw some super gross bugs and then stumbled into a room filled with Bonsai trees.  It was fascinating to see how the limbs are trained with copper wire. Some of the trees that were on exhibit had been "in training" for almost 50 years!! 

This tree was only about a foot high; but I wanted to show all of the wiring on it's limbs so due to the camera angle it looks quite large! 

After that we entered the sauna that was the butterfly exhibit! 

They gave us fake flowers to trick the butterflies into landingon them instead of the delicious real ones.  Most of them weren't dumb enough to fall for that one; but some of them were quite happy to land on arms, shoulders etc...
Some of them were quite alright with the fake flowers too; but I think that the natural sweetnees of my darling neices may have had something to do with it!

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