Busy and Happy

I’ve always been able to handle a large volume of work. Something that I’ve always really prided myself on was my ability to finish work on a deadline - to work at an absolutely insane pace and still get things done… Well, there is always a point when a line gets crossed and you are so busy that you can’t decide what to get done and in what order. In those cases, I would end up getting nothing done because I was so overwhelmed!

So, that’s how I feel tonight as far as my brain and my writing capabilities. I have so much that I want to write about that I can’t actually concentrate on one specific thing long and completely enough to get it done. Besides, it’s late… I’ve had a long day, a couple glasses of wine and hot bath. That means that I am no longer good for much…

Hopefully, I’ll be able to sort out my thoughts and my photos over the next couple of days and then bang out some really great entries.

Suffice it to say though, we are checking out the Hillsong City Campus in the morning and I am happy happy happy and even more happy in this apartment!
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