Sunday at Bondi

Sunday morning we got brave and caught a bus out to Bondi Junction for worship at Hillsong.  We missed the first bus because we didn't realize we needed to pre-pay for our tickets - oops!  So, I ran over, bought the tickets and we caught the next bus...  The service was in a movie theatre (it's like an extension service) so I was nervous it would be weird; but it was totally awesome.  They have another campus in the city so I think we'll try all of the campuses out before we settle on which one will be home.

Bondi Junction was pretty cool - there was so much shopping there!  Too bad I can't buy anything till we get settled! 

Speaking of being settled, we got the apartment on Kurraba in Neutral Bay and we get to move in on the 30th of July!  I have so much work to do before we get settled - When we move in we won't have anything except for clothes and such so I need to buy a mattress set, washer, dryer and fridge and arrange for them all to be delivered that day.... Whew!  Actually, I already bought the washer and dryer off Gumtree - just working on getting them to the apartment at the right time.

Anyway, Bondi was beautiful even though the weather left a lot to be desired....   Even though the beach was really lovely, I didn't really like it as much as I liked Manly. The vibe was really touristy and there was a lot of concrete.  There were a ton of surfers out and we stood on the boardwalk watching them for about a half hour.  It was super - relaxing....  There were also a ton of cute little doggies on walks - it made me miss Oreo in a major way... 

The clouds were rolling in and out and the blue patches were few and far between.   I really wanted to walk the path from Bondi to Cogee Beach; but the weather looked sketchy and it's a pretty long walk. Joe and I made a deal to come back and do the walk as soon as the weather gets nicer.  We headed back up to the main street for lunch and settled on a Greek place that had a nice outdoor seating area that was covered.  I had a lamb wrap which just made me realize even more that I LOVE lamb and it makes me incredibly happy how abundant it seems to be here. 

I decided to splurge with a beer - my new favourite is something called Coopers Pale Ale.  It's not quite as bitter as a traditional pale ale, although there is an unfiltered type that some of the pubs carry that has a much bigger kick!  I had heard some horrible rumours of the beer in Australia not being very good; and I have been so completely and wonderfully surprised with how great they have been. 

After dinner we walked down to the convenient store to buy our return bus passes and on the way we wandered across a cute little ice cream place called Movinpik (or something like that)....  They had fab flavours - pistachio, rhubarb, tirimisu, maple walnut, creme brulee and apple brandy!  Hello Yum! 

Joe got the pistachio and I got the tirimisu - we each got a single scoop and we had a moment of complete surprise when we realized that we got an actual single scoop and not an American version single scoop (i.e. seven scoops disguised as one!).  The ice cream was so completely wonderful - mine tasted like a piece of tirimisu (and not that kind that tastes fake from Olive Garden; but the homemade kind like my brother Andrew makes that's so wonderful) that got melted down, frozen and scooped into a cone.

It rained on and off all day so there was lots of ducking under awnings and usages of my super secret tiny brellie (umbrella - cute, huh?). We caught a bus back to Circular Quay and I soon realized why bus travel is awful.  They keep picking people up even after the seats are full.  Then, even after the seats are full and people are standing in the aisles, they pick up even more people and you get crammed in like sardines.  Ick!  Plus, our bus driver drove like he was trying to make it into NASCAR....  You couldn't just casually hold on with one hand - you had to grip tight with both hands and then still risk being thrown into the people in front of or behind you.

Needless to say, after that trip, Joe and I were both pretty much done for the day...

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  1. C. In Oz Says:

    Definitely do the Bondi to Coogee walk next time you go back (at least part of it, anyway - it's pretty long to walk the whole thing). The beaches other than Bondi are much nicer and much less touristy. I like Bronte - it's tiny, but so pretty.

  2. Sarah Stewart Says:

    Did they have Tutti Frutti flavour?!?!?!?! I have searched and searched only to never find it these days... Please make my day and tell me yes.... :)

    BTW - brelli - too cute!

  3. Anonymous Says:

    You write so well, it makes me smile every time i read your blog. I'm so glad you moved so i can have a daily travelog to look forward to reading :)


  4. Mimi and Joe Says:

    @ C - I've heard Bronte is really beautiful... I'm just waiting for some sunny days. This grey rainy weather is killing me!

    @ Sarah - I haven't seen it; but we've only been to one ice cream place since we've been here. I honestly don't even know what Tutti Frutti is :)

    @ T - Oh Lovey, I'm so glad I movedfor Skype alone - it was such a treat seeing your pretty face!!

  5. elsja Says:

    Yes, definitely do the walk. It's beautiful on a nice day!! Some of the spots along the walk are just AMAZING.

    Congrats on the aparment. You aren't too far from us. We have a few friends down in that area as well.

    Sounds like you're having a blast so far. :) Oh... and thanks for all the comments on the wedding!

  6. Mimi and Joe Says:

    Oh Elsja - I am so excited for your wedding!! I can't wait to see pictures! You guys are going to be stunning (as long as their are no staches on a stick - ha ha)!

    I'm loving the Neutral Bay area so far - it's funny to be going up and down Military and to see places that you've written about in your blog... it's a little surreal.

    We'll have to have you down for dinner after the wedding and after we get settled and get our crate...

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