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Today was Joe's first day of work.  He texted me an hour in and told me he was having a blast.  He is energized - excited and full of ideas!  It's beyond wonderful to see him this way and to receive further confirmation that our move here was a good decision.

Today was my first day of being a stay at home wife.  I got up, made coffee and brekky, learned to tie Joe's tie (more as a joke than anything - I think I really embarrassed him by wanting to do it for him) and sent him on his way.  I had a really busy day full of errands and getting the apartment back into order after our busy weekend.  I went to the grocery, dropped off his shirts at the cleaners (I know that given the amount of time I have in my day I should do this myself; but for only $2 a shirt I'd have to be crazy not to use the cleaners) faxed some documentation to a real estate agent and had a nice lunch in a cafe - just me and a book.

We sent in an application on an apartment over in Manly.  It was one of the ones that Joe saw on Saturday.  The agent called with some questions even though I included every single piece of paperwork I could think of... Copies of our passports, licenses, birth certs, marriage cert, Aus Medical Ins Cert, Joe's contract, letter from his last job, Aussie bank statement, 2 US bank statements, mortgage statements, utility bills etc...
Anyway, the agent was really nice and said that he didn't think that we would have a problem getting the place.  He also said he would call with news before end of business....that was roughly 4 hours ago and no call.  So, I'm trying not to be negative; but I did find five more really nice apartments that we want to go see just in case we don't get this one in Manly.

I realized today that I am completely over my jet lag.  I don't feel dizzy anymore and I am sleeping like a baby at night.  I'm glad I left that bout of insomnia behind in the States!

I don't have a very long to do list for tomorrow so it might be a good day for people to call or Skype me...  I am going to have to give myself lists for each day and space my tasks out so that I don't end up with long stretches alone in the apartment.  Luckily I am just a block from the harbor and about half a kilometer from the Opera House so I can take beautiful walks!

Oh!  We had meat pies from Pie Face tonight for dinner.  I thought I would like the chicken ones better then the meat and I also thought that putting tomato sauce on a steak pie was gross; but I was wrong on both counts!  My favorite was chunky steak pie with tomato sauce....

Joe goes to bed early and I've been staying up a bit late and I am developing the wonderful routine.  I make myself a small pot of tea and I catch up on writing my blog and reading the others that I follow.  I have to say, it's a lovely way to end the day!
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  1. Melody Says:

    Hi Mimi,

    Just found your blog the other day and just wanted to let you know I enjoyed reading what you have posted. I am living vicariously through others in oz as I have yet to convince my husband we should give it a go. LOL

    Keep writing....I enjoy reading :)

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Mimi...I wonder if you got the message that I called you? I sure enjoy reading your blog...all the interesting details about food and culture and ways that Aussies go about living! If you got my message then I will try to call again...if not, I may try skype. I'm so glad Joe enjoys his job...that makes life for a wife much more pleasant! I love you! aunt dia

  3. JM Says:

    Pies are awesome. I thought I would hate any pie not filled with yummy fruit, but I prefer the savoury! The best steak pies are from Devonport in Tasmania, but it's easy to find good pies all over.

    Have you ever tried BookCrossing.com? I'm not sure how popular the Sydney scene is, but it could be a great way for you to explore around.

  4. Geri Says:

    Hello my Lovely!
    Miss you! I am loving this blog. You doing a great job with it! Tell us about the little cafes and the view of your walks. Are you using your grocery basket I gave you? I love mine, use it all the time.
    Talk to you soon Sweetie

  5. Mimi and Joe Says:

    @ Melody - Thanks for the read! I must say, even though it can be really hard in these early days I am still really glad we came :)

    @ Aunt Dia - I did get your message and I was going to call you this morning; but sometimes the time change gets me and I realized it was already about 10pm your time. I'm not sure how late it is ok to call you? I'll try to call you tonight if I can stay up late enough!

    @ JM - Yea, the meat pies were a super pleasant surprise! I'll give that site a try... now that Joe is working all day I am definatly feeling a bit more itchy to get out in the evenings!

    @ Geri - Hey Babe!! I am using the basket; but in a funny way. There are no dressers in our apartment - only a large closet, so I have all of my socks and underwear folded up in it under my bedside table :D Ha ha!!

  6. Melody Says:

    I am sure it has to be hard especially if you are close to family, unfortunately I do not have close family....Just meddling family LOL

    Glad to know that you are enjoying it...maybe one of these days!

    Take care and keep sharing.

  7. Mimi and Joe Says:

    Lol@ you Mel! I have a great family thankfully! But I know exactly what you mean!

  8. Gina E. Says:

    Hi Mimi,
    It's great that everything seems to be working out for you guys! What industry is Joe in? I don't expect you to say exactly where he works - that would be 'invasion of privacy' full-on! Just wondering what he does while you are at home spending his hard-earned money, lol!!!

  9. Mimi and Joe Says:

    He works in the design field. He does something called User Experience Design... I'll let him chime in to explain it if he's around - I always do a really bad job of explaining it!

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