Some Quick Funnies...

I am often confused by the turn of phrase here:

Yesterday the cust. service rep from Telstra asked me if I wanted a "silent number" for our phone - I felt stupid as I had to have him explain it me; but apparently that is the Aussie version of an unlisted number!

Also funny was a conversation with an Internet tech one of our first weeks here.  He told me that he was going to try some stuff on his end, he would "ring me back" and then I could "go for the gold again".  So cute!

The spelling it another thing that continues to amaze me:

color = colour
flavor = flavour
harbor = harbour
liter = litre
realize = realise

Actually, now that I am typing this out it doesn't look that weird to me....  I actually quite like adding the u to the American spelling - it seems to make much more sense phonetically!
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  1. Bindie Says:

    Hi Mimi. I've been reading through your blog tonight and I have to say, so much of it was familiar. I felt many of your emotions when we were moving here 6 years ago.

    Thanks for the memories!

    Bindie from YDU.

  2. the american Says:

    i'm sure you noticed that i converted my spelling which provides endless amusement for the yankee contingent, but hey, when in rome, eh? good luck with the move! how exciting!

  3. Mimi and Joe Says:

    @ Bindie - Thanks for reading! It's nice to see so many YDUers on here. Hopefully things will even out a bit - I seem to be up and down a lot :)

    @ the american - exactly! Joe got the day off tomorrow so I am no longer worried about the move! Now he can carry heavy things and argue with delivery men!

  4. lilDdownunder Says:

    At work today as part of our training we were learning about how to update customers' account info and we went in to change a phone number and they were like "and this is what you push if the customer wants a silent number" and I had no idea what it was either. It doesn't make sense to me still about why it would be called silent, unless because they figure if it's unlisted no one ever really rings them and thus the phone is silent? My home number here isn't unlisted but I'd consider it to be a silent number ;)

  5. Gina E. Says:

    Giggling here, over the comments about our silent numbers! Some Aussies actually do refer to them as unlisted numbers, which does sound more logical. My number is unlisted, because I was a bit afraid my ex would harass us with nasty calls if he ever found out where we lived! But I'm sure having an unlisted number has saved us from all the nuisance calls that other people seem to get from companies wanting to sell their products, so our phone is blessedly 'silent' compared to many!

  6. Bindie Says:

    I think it's called "silent" because Telstra is keeping it quiet! We're going beyond silent when we move. We're going "naked!"

  7. Mimi and Joe Says:

    @ LilD - laughing so hard at your story! I agree - it doesn't make a whole lot of sense as far as the name goes; but I think it's so cute!

    @ Gina - In the States we have a "national do not call registry". You can register your number and then you are legally protected from any calls from telemarketers or salespeople. It's very nice! Sounds like you had a really really good reason to have a silent number. I wish Joe's ex didn't have our contact info!! ;D

    @ Bindie - That's a fabulous deal! We looked into that and I'm not really sure why we went with a Telstra bundle; but Joe is in charge of all that techie stuff so that's what we got!

  8. Anonymous Says:

    I've always loved those British spellings. For example, when one spells gray as "grey", it's a much more dewy, mysterious, and suggestive "colour" :)

    Love you.


  9. Mimi and Joe Says:

    Hmm - I always thought that it was supposed to be spelled grey. Maybe I am a bit more Brit than Polish? :D

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