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Friday was a super mellow day...  I hung out around the apartment and ran out for flowers and a card during a break in the rain.  There is a wonderful American named Liz who was working at Joe's new company; but Friday was her last day.  We met the week before when we were out having drinks and she was so incredibly nice and helpful.  All week she has been sending Joe home with all of her Aussie travel books and such for me.  So, to honor her going away we decided to do flowers and a card...

I went to Joe's office and actually got to hang out there for a bit and meet most of his fellow employees.  I like every single one of them!  They are so welcoming, warm and friendly!  So, we went off to the pub and stood around outside (winter right? Ha!) having beers and talking.  Two of the guys were nice enough to spend about 20 minutes trying to explain the sport of Cricket to me.  Sadly enough, I think I actually understand it pretty well now!

This morning we were up early and the city was just so pretty and sleepy that I decided to take a picture out the window for your viewing enjoyment!

We picked up our rental cars and off we went - I took the viewings in Manly & Queenscliff since Joe had that area last week and I'm really glad I did!  I don't like Manly!!  Well, the beach is incredible and the city is cool but I would never want to live there - it's too surfer/party for me.  Also, it was stupid crowded in the middle of winter - I can't imagine what it would be like in Summer.  I really do love how accessible things are here though.  I went to my second viewing (great view from a dump) and then had about an hour till the next one that was only around the corner.  I walked a couple hundred meters back down to a little cafe to use the toilets (I know that sounds horrifying; but that's what they are called here so I am trying to train myself!) and get a coffee and muffin.  I've never had a Pear and Pistachio Muffin before; but I am a huge fan of the flavour profile now that I've had it.  So, I walked back up to the next building which was the last one on a dead end street. Oh, but the street dead-ended into a cliff looking over the Pacific.  Yeah - not a bad way to spend an hour!

That apartment wasn't great either so...

It was about that time that Joe called to tell me that he was looking at the apartment that had me going a couple days ago when I ran out the door for the viewing and the Agent's keys didn't work.  So, she had the right keys this time and he was in - he said that this one was, in fact, the one and I needed to come out to the real estate office to fill out applications.

I ran back to the rental place, returned the car, hopped a taxi back to our apartment, grabbed our paperwork, ran down to Circular Quay, snapped this picture (First time I've seen the Opera House in the sun - it's so white in the sun; but it is beige/gold up close), hopped on the ferry, met Joe, went to the agent's office, filled out applications and had lunch!  Whew!!  The cafe we went to was cute and very interesting in that it was open 24 hours.  It's the first place I've seen since I've gotten here that is open 24 hours.

We headed back to the city, returned the car and then fell into a taxi to come home.  Joe took a nap, I took in some tv and we both took some ibuprofen!  These apartment hunting days really take it out of you...

The apartment we applied for is great. It has everything that we wanted except for a balcony.  It is across the street from a couple parks and only a few steps down to a gorgeous look-out on the end of the point.  Also, it is just a few meters from the steps down to the ferry so Joe would have a very fast commute.  I, on the other hand, will be a little over a mile from the main drag.  I don't mind walking that; but I am trying to figure out how I will be walking it in bad weather or with a few bags of groceries.  Maybe a bike?  Or a super cute scooter?  He he....

Here is a picture of the view from the living room of the apartment..... Drool! 

We are off to Hillsong in the morning (We are going to one of the city campuses this time) and then we are going to go look around out at Bondi beach for the day!
5 Responses
  1. Geri Says:

    Oh my goodnes! What a view! And yes to the super cute scooter.. Love it!

  2. Gina E. Says:

    Oh WOW, you would be crazy to knock this place back! It looks very clean, and the view is unbeatable. Who needs a balcony when you can just look out the window at that? Can we come up to stay on New Year's Eve?? (Just kidding, LOL!)

  3. Mimi and Joe Says:

    @ Geri - I know right? I would be a terror on a scooter!!!

    @ Gina - I figure all we would need to do is mention what our NYE fireworks view is going to be like and we'll have masses of friends right away! Ha ha! I don't mind the balcony thing so much because there are two beautiful parks right at the end of the street so we can picnic there all the time!

  4. Jenny Says:

    Is this in Neutral Bay? So very pretty! I hope you get it. If you do end up living there I'd like to recommend Northside Community Church in Crows Nest. It would be much closer than Hillsong and it is a great church.
    I think a scooter would be fun- and there is always Wollies delivery service!

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