Funny Signs... and a mattress

Joe and I took the train out to Lewisham on Saturday in search of a mattress - we found one that was supremely comfortable (although anything would be better that the lumpy double we are on here) and that we both liked.  We found out that we do not like "memory foam"; but we do like latex.... Who knew?  So, much much poorer we hiked back to the train station and then decided to walk around The Rocks again.  We were quite surprised to find that George St. had become a market (the day before it was filled with taxis and cars) and I liked the touristy part of it even less on a Saturday than during the week.  The alleyways didn't disappoint though, we still found a great pub and shared some type of BBQ platter... Yum!

Throughout the day we kept coming across funny signs so:

The one on the right is hard to see but it says "Nuclear Free Zone"

We also saw a ton of these little guys skittering around on the garden walls - They were cute, much cuter than spiders!
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  1. Samantha Says:

    I saw a "Nuclear Free Zone" sign while riding in the car with my bf. Let's just say it made me feel uneasy. I turn to him and say, "Ummm... isn't it all a nuclear free zone here?" Lol. He said he thinks it just means they can't transport nuclear materials on trucks through that area. Oh, Australia!

  2. Mimi and Joe Says:

    @ Samantha - I was totally weirded out too because it was in a residential neighborhood! Thanks for the explanation - it makes more sense now!

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