Putting Off Blogging

I've been struggling a bit with not really feeling like writing this week.  Every night I sit down at the computer intending to bang out a post about one of the many things that I have jotted down on my "Blog About This" list; and I end up wasting my time trolling Facebook or something equally mind-numbing.

I feel like I am in limbo - just waiting for our real life to start...

I'm glad there will only be another 8 days till we are out of this apartment.  I am struggling a bit with the whole "stay at home wife" bit right now; but I think it is just because there is so little for me to do in this tiny place. It doesn't take that long to clean it and do the laundry.  I feel pretty giddy when I have to run to the grocery or drycleaners (that's so pathetic that I can't believe I even wrote it).  I feel guilty a lot too - I didn't have much to do today and it was raining so I spent a couple hours reading and I watched some TV.  It felt like a really illicit sick day (sicky) from work when I wasn't really sick.  It makes me feel a bit better to know that Joe actually feels guilty too.  He feels guilty that I get up with him, make brekky and coffee, do the laundry and have dinner ready when he gets home.

So, I guess we are all right.  I feel guilty for having so much free time and he feels guilty for me not having even more free time.  This is why we work as a couple.

I am excited to explore my new area and start meeting all of these wonderful people from YanksDownUnder and from the Blogosphere who have invited me out for coffee.  I also can't wait to start decorating the apartment....  Boy am I missing a TJ Maxx here...  Joe and I were walking down Military Rd. Sunday night and we stopped to look in the windows of a furniture shop.  There was a standing lamp that I loved loved loved - so Joe checked the price and had a bit of a heart attack when he realized that it was $1800.00.  Ha!
I guess I'll be shopping at Ikea!

Hmm.... I have to say, even blogging a little bit about relatively unimportant stuff made me feel lots better.  Perhaps there is a lesson here for me?
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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Girl, as soon as you get into that new apartment, you will miss all this free time that you speak of. We've been in our house for 8 months and I still haven't even unpacked all of my clothing (I know, sad...right?)... And let me just say, I sure wish Jason would feel guilty about me not having enough free time. I also wish that Jason would agree that I need to be a stay at home wife....but we weren't talking about what I want, huh? Ehhhh, I guess I can still live vicariously through you....at least for another 8 days, no? I love reading your blog and your posts on FB. It makes it seem that you're not quite as far away as you in reality are...keep it up, please! Love ya!

  2. C. In Oz Says:

    Oh my gosh - I could have written this myself. I found myself suddenly in "housewife" mode, as well. It was so weird to suddenly be cooking dinner for us every night while he was out "bringing home the bacon." I think it made the adjustment that much harder for me because it's not a role I'm used to. Neither one of us felt very comfortable with the shift, I think. It would have been easy to fill the days if I'd been at home and had friends/family around, but as it was, I felt like I should put on a Donna Reed dress and pearls.

    I'm sure that you'll find your niche, especially when you get into your new place and start to feel more settled! I'd definitely be up for a coffee when I get back to Sydney to break up the housewife monotony! -Cristin

  3. Stacy Says:

    I feel for you!! It has taken me a year to finally feel like this is my home and not just a very long vacation. I think it's been harder for me since I have 3 kids and we don't really get to go out much. I have now found a great playgroup, signed up for a sewing class and am in the process of starting my own business. Oh and I am going to be delivering catalogs. lol!! The main reason is so I have to walk at least 2 days week and I get paid to do it:) So now it finally feels like I am living here. Maybe look into taking a class for something you like or a part time job just to meet people. I love reading your blog because it's much more interesting than my life!! lol! I haven't really seen anything since moving here except crocodiles at croc farm!

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Just let me know when you are ready for that flat white :) Fridays are my "day off" when both kids are in school....

  5. Rachael Says:

    Ya'll are too cute - you feel guilty about having free time and he feels guilty that you don't have more free time. Oh goodness. I think you'll adapt to it soon enough. You'll get hooked on some Aussie soap opera and wonder where all the time went ;)

  6. Mimi and Joe Says:

    @ Missy - Thanks sweetie, you always seem to be right there when I am having a bit of a bad day :) I know that I am going to be very very busy over the next month or two so I am trying to just muscle through this last week of "hotel" living...

    @ Cristin - It's definately a role that I am used to and one that we both wanted. Me being able to stay home was actually one of the things that we were trying to accomplish with the job change. But, you hit the nail right on the head when you said that it would be different staying home in your old life instead of here. It really does put a whole different spin on things. I'd love to meet up - it sounds like we have a lot in common!

  7. Mimi and Joe Says:

    @ Stacy - Yea, I am really feeling the whole "extended vacay" bit. The catalogue thing actually sounds interesting. Could you let me know how you got involved with that?

    @ almsfamily (I'm sorry, I somehow don't know your real name) - That sounds so wonderful! We move in next Friday so maybe the Friday after?

    @ Rachel - I know, we really do work together quite well! I don't know about Aussie soap operas; but I am really loving some of the Homeand Garden stuff I've seen!

  8. Mimi and Joe Says:

    @ almsfamily (kimberly!) - So sorry, as soon as I posted that I realized who you were!! I have such a hard time keeping people's real, blogger and YDU names all straight! So so sorry! I'll e-mail you after we are in the apt. next weekend and set somthing up!

  9. Geri Says:

    That's right Mimi, forget the soaps and find a good food network or the gardening shows....A woman after my own heart.
    Mimi, don't worry! You'll find your rhythm girl. And give Joe a big kiss for being so sweet! Once you get truly settled, maybe you can look around for a ballroom dance class or try a new hobby. You take some pretty great pictures, or maybe art lesson? Volunteer work is always good for the soul.
    Take your time and find something that you will truly enjoy.

  10. C. In Oz Says:

    The funny thing for us was that when we met, I was working long hours, and my partner did not have to work much at all. This move has switched our roles! Regardless, I think it's bound to be hard to end up with a lot of free time in a place where you don't know a lot of people. In any case - I'm waiting on my visa to return, so I'll let you know when I'm headed back and we'll plan something!

  11. Mimi and Joe Says:

    @ Geri - Oh, I have such a list! I want to take some classes on wine, knitting, yoga, cooking - maybe even interior decorating.... Don't worry, I'll find some good ways to keep myself busy!

    @ Cristin - awesome, it's a date :)

  12. Stacy Says:

    https://www.deliverfordollars.com.au/ it honestly doesn't pay very much but it gets me out of the house for a bit and i get paid. i am thinking of doing it until i loose 10-15 kilos or until it just gets too hot up here! lol!

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