Who will be first?

We aren't even in Australia yet and I am already searching for cheap fares online!

So, who's going to be the first to visit eh?

$669 & up -- Fly to Australia from across the US:

Travel dates: August 1-31

Air New Zealand, American, Qantas, United and other major airlines are slashing prices for travel this August to Sydney and Melbourne, Australia.

Fly Monday-Thursday to get the lowest prices.

Fares from the West:
- Los Angeles-Sydney ... $669
- Las Vegas-Sydney ... $683
- San Francisco-Sydney ... $709
- San Diego-Sydney ... $733
- Denver-Sydney ... $810
- Portland-Sydney ... $853
- Seattle-Sydney ... $863

Fares from the Southeast & Texas:
- Dallas/Ft. Worth-Sydney ... $843
- Oklahoma City-Sydney ... $843
- Houston-Sydney ... $845

Fares from the Midwest:
- Chicago-Sydney ... $866
- Detroit-Sydney ... $873
- Indianapolis-Sydney ... $873
- Cleveland-Sydney ... $876

Fares from the Northeast:
- New York-Sydney ... $833

Fares from the South:
- Atlanta-Sydney ... $890
- Orlando-Sydney ... $909

Fares listed are round trip, include taxes, and are available on multiple airlines.

Travelzoo Tip: Make sure to select "My dates are flexible," and try searching several date ranges. Click on at least three travel providers to compare all fares and find the best deal for your destination.

SuperSearch uses more than 2.9 million consumer ratings and Travelzoo's years of expertise to help you find the best fares. Plus, you can easily compare multiple sites without entering your information over and over.
8 Responses
  1. JM Says:

    I haven't flown many airlines, but I have to say that I love flying Air New Zealand. My most positive flying experiences have been on those planes. :)

  2. Mimi and Joe Says:

    I've heard that a few times - also heard Virgin Australia was really good; but I've heard some very negative things about Quantas. I can't book our flights till we get our VISA so I guess I'll end up booking whatever cheapest :| Not looking forward to the gagillion hour flight though!

  3. JM Says:

    Prodding Quantas for being bad is like prodding Telstra - it's practically Australian to do so. :)

    I haven't flown Virgin yet, but I'm planning on flying them for a short trip to Tassie at the end of June. Hopefully they are good, given they often have the best deals.

    Whatever you do, do not fly Jetstar. They are well known for screwing over their customers, myself included.

    As for the flight... Do you like to read or write? Plenty of uninterrupted time for that. :)

  4. Mimi and Joe Says:

    Ha! I'm glad to hear that I am sounding "Practically Australian!" I'm going to walk around my first week and anytime anyone says something to me I am just going to mutter "bloody Telstra" and hope I fit in :)

    I love love love love to read. I am taking 3 books on the plane in my ginourmous purse! I "like" to write in a sense; but I am by no means a writer. Even having a blog is not something I would have done without some big event (like moving) to force me to communicate better with people. For me, this seems like writing long e-mails to everyone that I am leaving behind; but, instead of sending them, I am posting them on a website.

    I think I will be consuming a vast quantity of wine on the flight :)

  5. Elsja Says:

    I've never had a bad experience on Qantas (other than the odd TV going out every now and then) and trust me... I've flown them A LOT! I've heard Air NZ is good, but I don't like layovers.

    Careful with the wine... 14 hours on a flight leaves ample time to drink... AND get a hangover. Those last couple of hours can be pretty horrible if you overdo it.

    You CAN book flights without visas- you just need to call the airline to give the visa details before you fly. Unless it's changed, but that's what we did for my parents last year. I got their tickets as a surprise gift and so they didn't get visas until 2 months after I bought them.

    Good luck finding visitors!! There are so many great deals lately, I don't understand why EVERYONE doesn't come visit. :)

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Love the Travelzoo shoutout! I actually write for Travelzoo Australia so you should definitely subscribe once you get over here; we frequently run the best flight specials and have lots of packages to Fiji, SE Asia, and the Great Barrier Reef. It should definitely help you make a dent in your travel checklist! Oh, and I vote for V Australia over Qantas. Good luck with the move!

  7. Mimi and Joe Says:

    Hey Elsja (how do you pronounce your name? I am quessing the J is silent?)

    I have read some good things about Quantas too - It helps that your handsome hubby to be is an employee :) Are you getting excited (stressed) for the wedding? I was a mess when I planned ours - We got married in Florida on a beach so I had to plan everything long distance as well and it is nearly impossible!...

    Eeek!! Do people who come to visit need Visas or can they just travel on their passports?


  8. Mimi and Joe Says:

    Hey Kate - I was thinking that you should be a travel writer when I was reading your blog... It sounds like you found the perfect career :)

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