Visit to Cleveland - Friday

Joe and I travelled to Cleveland last weekend to visit and say goodbye to some family and friends.  We drove in Thursday night and basically rolled right into bed.  Friday morning my lovely sister Julie made us some muffins and we got to sit and visit.  My brother in law Dave went out on the deck and called us out to see about a half dozen deer in the woods behind their house. Several were still very young - you could see that their spots were growing out.  After they all wandered away we noticed one that was hanging around down by the creek.  It was a mom and her two tiny babies that had obviously just been born the night before.  I was able to get some OK shots:

And one really good one:

One of the babies couldn't really walk well yet, so mom took one of the babies and wandered the woods for a while.  We were nervous that she would just leave it; but she eventually circled back and got the other baby.

Friday night we headed down to Akron.  After dinner at Crave (which was very pretentious and not very good) we headed down the street to a cool art gallery/wine bar to visit with my friend Cory.  She was there to sing with Zach for his birthday bash.  It was a cool concert and we got to visit when she wasn't singing.  As you can see we like each other a lot!

We also got to meet her boyfriend Greg and her incredibly cute baby girl Violet! 

I got to feed Violet cake (which is the secret to making all babies like you)...

Then I got to kiss her because babies will tolerate that when you feed them sugar :)

Then Joe ate her hand!!!

Also, using nefarious logic Joe got me to dance in front of everyone!  The conversation went something like this:

Me: Do you know how much I love you?
Joe: Enough to get up and do a hustle with me in front of everyone?
Me: ........Crap.......

So, we danced and I'm glad I did:

It was a great night; and it was beyond wonderful to hear Cory sing - that girl has a voice that just floors you!

Thanks for the wonderful night babe! (side note: I look very mischievous in this pic)

4 Responses
  1. Sarah Stewart Says:

    What gorgeous pictures - you definitely look up to mischief in the last one! :)

  2. Mimi and Joe Says:

    Ha! I know, right? I am trying to think of what was going on in my head at that moment and I can't... It is funny though :)

  3. CoryAlayne Says:

    I completely love you.

  4. Mimi and Joe Says:

    Hey Chicka! Love the pic! I miss you :(

    Can I just say that I have some old Zach songs on my Itunes with you singing back-up and when I hear your voice it gives me warm yummies!

    Did I mention I miss you?

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