On Leaving Work

I’ve always dreamed of one day being able to quit my job to stay home and raise babies. The baby part hasn’t gone exactly to plan; but the quitting work part is soon to happen. My last day of work is the 11th of June and we don’t plan on me working once we get to Sydney. I can get a job legally under our VISA if I would like; but I don’t need to…

It feels somehow wrong to be anything but completely ecstatic about this; but I have to admit to being very nervous. I have lots of little plans in my head for how I will spend my time. I don’t know if they will happen or not; because I don’t know completely what our life will be like there. I’m going to make my husband fabulous meals, I’m going to decorate our apartment to within an inch of its life and I am going to have a vibrant social life (fingers crossed). More likely I’ll be huddled up on the couch with empty wine bottles stacked around; but it’s nice to dream!!

Really though, I am hoping for a real lifestyle change when we get to Australia.  There is no better time to break bad habits and create new good ones than when you are uprooting yourself from your comfort zone and going to an entirely new place.  I would like to change some of the ways I function in the world...  Instead of constantly looking behind and in front of me, I would like to start looking around in my present moment.  I'm hoping that not having to work will give me the opportunity to slow down, adapt to the laid back pace of OZ and learn to savor each moment.
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  1. Anonymous Says:

    I didn't work when we were first married, but volunteered at a hospital and did some sewing. It didn't satisfy my need to be productive, however as it only filled a few hours of the week. My friend and I explored every inch of San Franciso (where we were stationed). It was hard to keep homesickness at bay with so much time on my hands. No social networking or modern gadgets like cell phones and computers to keep in touch. The year ended and we moved back to Chicago. I got a job teaching and life moved on. San Francisco was a terrific year honeymoon for us, in spite of homesickness. Living in the present moment will help you appreciate every aspect of Australia! Aunt dia

  2. Meaghan Ruf Says:

    I don't need to tell you (because you've heard all about it) that I am not a good "stay at home" anything. Wife, mother, housewife, you name it. For a while, I felt so guilty about this... I should be enjoying this!! But lately I've realized that not everyone is cut out for it and I'm not going to keep trying to fit myself to what someone else thinks I should be feeling about a situation. Do I love my kids & husband? Yes. Do I want to be around them 24/7? NO!!! I felt a lot better once I stopped apologizing for that.

    That being said, don't have expectations for yourself. Have an open mind. I think the move will be good for you. :-)

  3. Mimi and Joe Says:

    Thanks Aunt Dia,

    I'm hoping to make a few friends right away and really take advantage of the time I will have!

    Love You!!

  4. Mimi and Joe Says:

    I know what you mean Meaghan, I am going to be watching myself closely to see if I can hack it or not. I know staying at home is way different without kids; but not working when you want to is the same across the board. I don't really want to work; but you never know, I might go nuts without a job :D

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