Visit to Cleveland - Sunday

Sunday morning we met Cory and Violet for breakfast over at My Friends by Detroit and 130th.  That brought back memories of staying at Jen's apartment just upstairs from the restaurant and memories of countless 2 AM meals there with friends.  They've remodeled since I was there last so it was a little weird; but, for all that, it was very much the same.  I guess it started the whole melancholy that tinged the rest of our visit.  I am not just saying good bye to people... I am also saying goodbye to places that hold memories of whole years of my life. 

On the way back to Julie's house, Joe and I stopped at Heinens to get the fixings for dinner.  I love that store!  We ended up getting the ingredients for lasagna, 2 bottles of wine (mmm... Smoking Loon Cabernet), sparkling lemonade for the kids and some garlic bread.

Theresa and the kids came over and I got to spend the afternoon doing one of my favorite things - Cooking with my sisters.  We had a fantastic dinner and Theresa brought the leftover desserts from the night before so we capped it off with more rum cake parfaits.  Joe and I had plans that night that ended up getting cancelled so we decided to drive down to Tremont and have a couple drinks.  After getting lost and disoriented several times, we finally found Literary & Professor streets, parked and wandered into The Treehouse.  They had a great blues singer there and the whole scene was very mellow.  I've always loved the gorgeous bar:

My brother Andrew called and since he lives in Tremont, he stopped over after work to have a beer with us.  That was the frosting on the evening and I am so glad that he decided to stop in and hang out with us!
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