I Hate Surprises!

I received a very strange text last Sunday afternoon. The text was from my very own e-mail address inviting me to an event on my very own calendar labeled “Surprise”. Needless to say, I was slightly confused as to how this all came to be – it seemed very “ripping through the fabric of the universe” to me. The only other person with access to my e-mail and calendar is my husband. Sure enough, he was the responsible party.

He said that he received an e-mail from “someone” telling him to block off the time in question on my calendar so that I couldn’t book anything there. He also said that he will be taking me “somewhere” and dropping me off for this event. Apparently, I can wear jeans and it is “pretty casual” and I can wear “just a little make-up”?? I’m so curious? Will I still be allowed to go if I wear a lot of make-up? Ha!

I am curious though…..
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  1. elsja Says:

    Aww how exciting! I love surprises. I wish that would happen to me. :)

  2. Mimi and Joe Says:

    Well, now it got moved to tomorrow - I think it is just a night out with the girls :)

    It's so weird - I hate hate hate surprises.... I don't know why!

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