I Got A Little Distracted

So, I never did make it to a cafe with my notebook to make all of my lists yesterday.  I really did have the best of intentions; but it was such a beautiful day that it seemed like such a waste to sit inside writing in a notebook.

I was in the city in the morning for something rather exciting (more on this later once everything is settled) (and no, I am not pregnant) and I grabbed a bus back to the North Shore when I was done.  I made plans with Kim to go get lunch at Burnt Orange, look through their shops and then check out a place called Chowder Bay.  We got there a bit before noon and they weren't seating for lunch yet and did we have a booking? (insert snooty voice here).  Well, we didn't have a booking but they said they could squeeze us in; but that they couldn't seat us before noon.  We wandered through the little boutique marveling at the prices:  Not sure if you can read the tag on that little pair of slippers but it says $59.95! Whew!  Some of the things were actually pretty reasonably priced while others were completely ridiculous.  Kim and I had a fun time torturing ourselves with guessing how much these things would cost at TJ Maxx.  Oh how I miss TJ Maxx....

For lunch I got a burger (first burger I've had since we've been in Australia... weird right?); but it was a fancy organic one with tarragons and other sophisticated fixings.  It was pretty good; but I don't know if it was $22.00 good. After lunch we decided to make the walk to Chowder Bay which wasn't too bad - not very many hills and only about a half mile.  We had to walk on the road though as there was no sidewalk or trail.  About halfway we started spotting these enourmous "nests" up in the trees.  They look like they are made of dirt? or mud?  I've done a fair amount of researching on Google and I couldn't find anything - if anyone knows what they are please let me know... I am dying of curiousity.

Actually, only tell me if they are bird's nests - if they are insect/spider dwellings than I would prefer to remain in the dark about it! Thanks.

Pretty soon the harbour started coming in to view in the breaks between trees.  I don't think I will ever get over the views and scenery here.  It just kept getting better and better the closer we got to Chowder Bay.  So, apparently, Chowder Bay used to be a Submarine Miners Depot in its inception and then was used as general Military barracks and offices up to 2000 when it was opened to the public.  It's very charming - sort of a little city unto itself.  All of the old barracks sit at the top of the bluff and have been restored to their original look. 
A couple of the buildings have been turned into cafes and such; but it is mostly unspoiled.  At the tip of the bluff is a green space with benches etc...  Kim's little one fell asleep in the pram on the walk so we spent our time sitting on the benches looking out at the view and talking.  In order to get to the actual "Bay" part of Chowder Bay you have to go down quite a few sets of stairs and neither of us were really feeling much up to carrying the pram up and down stairs. Along the way though, there is a very nice restaurant called Ripples which is apparently quite good and well-reviewed and some other seating areas. 
At the bottom is the pier and the gorgeous beach.  Kim told me that there is a really nice playground there and that it is a popular place for kids birthday parties.  We caught the next bus back as they only run once an hour there and I'm glad we did.  It had been a long day!  I stopped in the shops in town before I walked home and I found a really really nice hair straightener at Salvo's for $10.00!  Ha!  Victory!  So, I bought some champagne to celebrate...

I'm glad I had a full day... Joe has been working some really long hours and some nights he isn't home for dinner until close to (or past) eight.  It makes for a really long day when he is gone for 12 hours in a stretch.

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  1. the american Says:

    i paid $33 for a book the other day. paperback. depressing.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    It seems very strange to me that a burger costs $22, while a "really, really nice" hair straightener cost $10. You can't even get a "one really" nice straightener in the States for under $40. I'll never understand those Aussie price tags. Good thing it wasn't Jason and I that moved there. I'd either be sleeping in a box cause I've spent all our money, or I would be the worst hermit in order NOT to spend money.

  3. lilDdownunder Says:

    I've been told they are termite nests...exactly what you didn't want to hear! :D

    Oh, yep, looked it up-http://australianmuseum.net.ed?au/Termites

    P.S. Did your problem get resolv

  4. Mimi and Joe Says:

    @ the american - that is very very depressing.

    @ Missy - sorry, that prob didn't make much sense. The best straighteners here are around $300.00 The really really nice kind are $75-$100. I got mine at "Salvo's" (the Salvation Army store) used for $10 :)

    @ Little D - Yeah, I was wondering cause the closest thing I found on Google was pictures of termite nests in Bisbane. I just thought these might have been different cause the holes were bigger. Yea - the problem seems to not be a problem anymore :D

  5. Vicki Says:

    Hi Mimi-Vicki here. Hubby agrees- their Termites. He used to live in Sydney.

  6. Mimi and Joe Says:

    @ Vicki - Gross gross gross!!! They were everywhere in the woods!

  7. Jen Says:

    so, my question is, if termites eat wood anyway, why do they need a whole nest outside the tree? Why not just chomp your way in and set up camp, slowly expanding the living room as you eat away at the walls?

  8. Mimi and Joe Says:

    @ Jen - well, most of the houses here are made of stone, brick and plaster. I didn't really think about it until I saw your comment; but I rarely see things like shingled roofs, wood houses or siding... Besides, I think all of the cockroaches would just eat the termites if they tried to come inside :)

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