Having the Blahs...

Not really feeling in a "bloggery" sort of way tonight.  I've been sick and so I'm still a bit loopy and tired.

We got our real internet up and running which means I can now Skype to my hearts content and I can also spend more time online with all of you!  We have 100GB at cable speed and then if we go over our usage it gets throttled down to dial up speed for the rest of the month.  I am going to try very very diligently to not download a ton of stuff so that we can stay within our limitations!

We also had a little adventure to the hardware store in Mosman - by little I mean a 2.7km walk!
There were a couple of hardware stores that were closer; but they were all shut down or nonexistent.  So, we just kept walking. We got some silicone sealant and also bought out their supply of weatherstripping and then came home to weather proof the apartment.  We stopped on the way home and got a couple more heaters as well so by the time we were done running the heaters and weatherproofing the windows it was starting to feel downright homey in here!  Now if we would just get our stuff....  We got an email asking for some forms and such which we submitted on Friday and they have said 10-14 business days.  We don't have anything remotely dangerous, forbidden or illegal in our crate so I am hoping the customs process goes fast.

We went to the Mudgee Wine and Food festival on Sunday and met Kimberly (of last week's coffee fame) and the rest of her family there.  We had an absolutely lovely time - the food was great, the wine was really nice and best of all, the company was fabulous!  It was held at Balmoral beach and once we got our food and such we walked down to the beach and sat in the sun.  Kimberly made me laugh and really put things into perspective when she made the comment that it is the middle of winter here!  How lucky are we that this is our winter now?

Unfortunately, I got really sick that night from a combination of things; but I think one of them was the tasty tasty lamb ribs at the festival.  Oh well, live and learn!  We were supposed to go out again today; but I had to cancel...  I just started feeling better around 3 today - just in time to straighten up the apartment and make dinner for Joe. 

Tomorrow morning is on-line grocery shopping and then up to the shops for produce and such.  Going to try to make it a nice easy day!
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  1. Stephene Says:

    Feel better Mimi! Glad you're feeling warmer. =) Here in Canberra we'll continue to freeze!

    x Bindie

  2. Mimi and Joe Says:

    Thanks Bindie - It's cold today too here. I'm bundled up in a hoodie with my heater turned up!

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