Taronga Zoo

I'm not going to lie - I'm exhausted!

I don't have much in me for this post; but it has been hanging over my head for some time, I'm overdue for a blog entry and it's 11:30 at night.....

Work is great - I just forgot how much harder it is to make free time for blogging when you don't get home from work till late and then still have to make dinner etc...

Anyway - I digress...

I've been putting off this zoo entry because I couldn't think of anything really to say about it.  A zoo is a zoo is a zoo is a zoo...  Admittedly, Taronga is one of the cleanest zoos I have ever had the pleasure of seeing and they do have many cool Aussie animals that I have only ever read about.  Still though, it's hard to imagine how to fill up a great big blog entry saying things like "and then we saw the wallabies - after that we walked over to the chimps" and so on.

So, I'm just going to give you the highlights:

Kim was a doll for taking me and letting me use her guest pass (did you know that admission is $45.00?)
We only saw half the zoo in the time that we had
The Koalas were super cute - especially the mom and baby.
Chimp faces fascinate me
I got to feed and pet a wallaby
Emus are quite scary when they are a foot away from you and staring you down with beady red eyes
I saw the biggest gorilla ever!

Now you get to see the pictures - Enjoy!

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