Before I Fall Asleep On My Feet

So, I was trying to write this post last night in bed on my Telstra T-Hub (BTW, I highly recommend clicking on this link and watching the intro just for the sake of hearing someone say "Great Steaming Haggis" - just trust me)  when it turned off because the battery was dead.  That was my fault as I had used it earlier to order Thai food and I didn't put it back on it's cradle.  Anyway, I was too tired to get back up, get the laptop and start over.  I have good reason for being tired; but it's sort of a long story... Oh, and it requires me being a bit personal -hope you don't mind...

So, I realized on Monday night that I was getting a UTI...  Ugh - enough said...  Luckily I had asked my Dr. to write me a prescription for an antibiotic to bring to Australia with me in case one of us got sick before we got settled and found Drs here.  So, Tuesday morning I started on some Amoxicillin and started feeling better.  I woke up Wednesday morning (yesterday) to feed the cats (see previous post for that explanation) and realized that my body was screaming out for more sleep.  So, after Joe left for work, I crawled back into bed and set my alarm for ten when I had a Skype date with my bestest Meaghan. 

Antibiotics always give me very vivid crazy dreams - so, there I was... dreaming about being on a ferry that was doing donuts under the Sydney Harbour Bridge while wearing false teeth that I had gotten from Christina Aguilara (yeah, I know....) when the buzzer started ringing.  I jumped out of bed - completely discombobulated, and ran to answer it.  The poor guy had to explain him self to me a couple times; but I suddenly understood - he was from the moving company and they had our stuff downstairs!  Ha ha!!  Victory! 

So, these two very nice men carried all of our stuff  in while I stood at the door with our packing list and checked all of the boxes off as they came in. The only boxes that had the "Passed Quarantine" tape on them were the two boxes of our shoes.  So, much joy ensued....  I set up Joe's office and computer stuff first because I love him and he is wonderful to me - it was my way of returning the favour.

Let me just say, getting our stuff has been one of the happiest moments thus far on our journey here...  There were things that I had forgotten about, things that made me cry a little when I saw them and things that made me want to jump up and down with joy!

Well, this was supposed to be a short little update post so I am going to stop writing so I can keep unpacking.  I have a ton of photos still of the zoo and of the unpacking process so I will be posting all of that stuff shortly.  I hope you'll forgive me though, I have a box of dryer sheets and American deodorant that is calling my name!

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    I'm sooo happy you have your stuff about you again! This will make all the difference for you, I know it!!

    I feel you on the discombobulation. I had one of the worst headaches ever, and I was all dizzy and nauseous from it. Sorry for our icky Skype date. Maybe my Saturday?

    Love you! xoxoxoxoxo -Meaghan

    PS- Operation Funniest Birthday Card ever has reached its final stage. Check your mail daily ;-)

  2. Valerie Says:

    So happy for you! I know how nice it feels to unpack those boxes. Yay! We found a great new sushi place yesterday... let me know if you guys want to try it sometime! :)

  3. Missy Taylor Says:

    Mimi, I'm so happy for you and Joe! So exciting to FINALLY get all of your stuff! I really have no idea how you've endured it this long without your personal belongings. I would have been totally lost. Happy Unpacking! Can't wait to see pictures of the process. And for the record, I'm still not completely unpacked and settled and we've been in our house going on 9 months (gasp)...I think it's safe to say that you'll beat me...

    Have fun, chica!

  4. the american Says:

    congrats on finally getting your stuff. getting my stuff was sort of anti-climatic .... i was like "i can't believe i packed that!" but it was lovely nonetheless!!

  5. Mimi and Joe Says:

    @ Megs - No worries, I think we were both a little out of it! I have been diligently checking the mail... yaknow, if you installed Skype (hint hint) you could actually WATCH me open the card when I get it!!

    @ Val - We would love to! We took a picnic down to the reserve yesterday and it was magic! I thihnk I figured out how to return your hospitality :) How does a picnic next weekend sound to you guys?

    @ Missy - I have been crazy busy every day trying to get everything all set up! I will posting this morning with some of the pictures of the kitchen which is the only room that is really "done" ish... Thinking of you~

    @ the american - yea, we had plenty of those moments... Joe actually packed a bunch of US style power strips. We were both like, WTF?

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