Another Year Gone

I am feeling only slightly guilty for not blogging all weekend - It was my birthday weekend and one of the presents I gave to myself was the permission to slack off on blogging, taking photos and everything related.  I hope you all will pardon the absence.

I've been saving up some fun news for a few weeks and since it is finally official I can spill it... 

I got a job!!  Whoo-Hoo!!  I am actually going to working at Joe's company.  It is very very part-time - only a day and half a week to start; but then going up to two and a half days in November.  I'll be handling culture and publicity exclusively till November when I will pick up the extra day doing some work around the accounts receivable/invoicing process.  It's nothing super-glamorous; but it is fun, interesting, engaging and will get me out of the house a bit more.  Don't expect to hear much about the job though as a lot of my new co-workers read this blog!  Anything I post here would be the same as talking about it in the office.

So, I had made plans earlier in the week with two other couples to have a picnic on Saturday - I honestly didn't realize until it was pointed out to me that it was actually my birthday that day.  I really hadn't planned on really celebrating it because I was too worried that it would make me homesick.  Since I got a birthday package from Joe's Mom and Dad that had some Montgomery Inn BBQ Sauce in it, I decided to have a Southern themed picnic.  I made devilled eggs, sweet tea, pulled pork sandwiches, coleslaw and potato salad.  One of the girls brought apple turnovers (so so so so so yummy) and the other brought Bloody Marys (so so so so so yummy).  Really, it was a perfect day.  Perfect.... seriously.  I can't think of anything that would have made it better!

I got flowers from one of the couples - so thoughtful!  They also took some pictures throughout the afternoon and you can view them on their blog here.  Joe's boots even made it into the photo collage!!  It was a truly wonderful afternoon spent lounging on the blanket, drinking, talking and laughing.  Did I mention laughing?  We had so much fun, in fact, that we already have the next picnic planned  for two weekends from now.  I can hardly wait.

All of my worries about being homesick were completely unfounded - it was a great day.

Sunday (today, I guess - but since it's after midnight - not really.  I digress!) was a busy day.  It started slow with me sleeping in far too late...  We had discussed doing the Bondi to Coogee walk; but it was overcast and a little chilly so we decided to postpone that till a nicer day.  We decided instead to catch a bus for Manly beach with a little picnic dinner and some books.   We walked by the exhibition grounds on our way from the bus to the beach and got to see/hear a Scottish Pipe Band competition...  Awesome!

It wasn't the sunniest, warmest day; but it was so nice to lay on a blanket, smell the ocean and hear the waves for an afternoon. 

There is something that is just so wonderfully calming about the ocean...

Then there is the sand....  It gets on the blanket and it gets in the food.  You find it in your house months after your excursion - and, even though you are wearing jeans and a long sleeve shirt, it somehow ends up in your underwear.

The views from the blanket were awesome - just imagine how much greater it would be on a sunny day.

And yes, I need a pedicure... and I have a blue ladybug on my toe...

When we got back into our neighborhood we had the choice of waiting a half hour for the bus or just walking home - wisely, we decided to walk... and since I had my camera, you will now be subjected to two artsy pictures that I took on our way home.

The End!

5 Responses
  1. Jen Says:

    HARRRRRRR Matey! It's blimey INTERRRRNATIONAL Talk Like a Pirate Day, and since I be seein you's international now, I'm makin sure you'rrrre talkin RIGHT! Now get cookin wench, the crew ain't waitin all day for thar food!

  2. the american Says:

    happy happy birthday!

  3. JM Says:

    Happy birthday! And congratulations on your new job. :) So quick! I wasn't even able to volunteer until I got an ABN. But that's probably because of the visa I was on.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Mmmmmmm..... Scotsmen :-P Makes me need some Jamie-time.
    I'm soooo happy you had a great birthday. Call me someday!!! I miss you and have lots of funny ballock-related humor to share with you.


  5. Mimi and Joe Says:

    @ Jen - I can't believe I forgot this year :( I'm sorry I didn't leave you a message in pirate talk on your VM!

    @ the american - thanks!

    @ JM - Well, since my husband is here on a 457 VISA, that means I am as well - all I needed was a tax file number and I had applied for that the day after we landed so I'm good to go :)

    @ Meaghan - we will have to set up a date... Sorry - I have been soooooo busy!!

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