Fun With Google

If any of you have ever had your own blog or website, you quickly learn about things called analytics.  This is a bunch of HTML code that you embed within your site that tracks how many people view your site, where they are coming from, what types of operating systems they are using etc...  It won't tell me exactly who you are (cause I know you are totally nervous right now reading this); but sometimes I can make some educated guesses...  When I see a big old blip on my map coming from Charlotte, North Carolina - I know who that is; and when I see a blip in West Babylon, New York - I know who that is too!

So here are some stats:
I've been writing this blog since May 5th of this year and I have posted 85 times since then.   It's been a little over four months at this point and I have had over six thousand hits on this blog!  People from 40 countries have been here to read my posts.  The top five countries that send the most traffic to my site are:

1.) Australia
2.) USA - come on folks... you should be in the number one spot!
3.) United Kingdom
4.) Canada
5.) South Korea - really? number 5 in the whole world?

One of my favourite parts of analytics is my ability to see what people were doing Google searches for before they stumbled across my blog.  Of course there are the usual "goneonaluckycountry", "move to a lucky country" etc... but occasionally, there are some other random searches:

North Shore Sydney
Lucky Country Red Wine
Bundaberg Ginger Beer
The City in the Morning
And The Only Thing That
Mimi Food Blog Sydney
Australian Ketchup at T J Maxx

So yeah, some of those actually make sense; but "the only thing that"??  Really?  The weirdest part about these searches is that people actually clicked through to my blog while looking for these things...  I tried doing my own search for "The city in the Morning" and for "And the only thing that" and I made it about 10 pages through the search before I gave up - I'm not sure how far you have to drill down to actually find me.

My favorite search term of all of these was obviously "Australia Ketchup at T J Maxx" - I wondered how many pages of search returns I would have to wade through to find my blog.  Apparently - not many.....

5 Responses
  1. C. In Oz Says:

    Oh how I love analytics! This is a really fun topic for a post. I might have to "borrow" this idea one of these days. I wonder if the person who googled "and the only thing that" was writing a poem or something.

    One of the biggest searches that is driving people to my sight right now is all things Tim Tam related. Not sure how to feel about that! ;-)

  2. Morgan D Says:

    I wonder if the reason the USA isn't higher on the list is because most of us are reading your blog via feed instead of actually hitting your site? I read all my blogs in Google Reader - it's so much easier.

  3. CoryAlayne Says:

    My favorite analytic ever was someone finding my blog by Googling "Farinacci threesome"... and found one of my theatre reviews on my site that said something about me and two other girls from RESPECT. "The threesome of Cory A. Farinacci, Denitra Isler & Amy Miller Brennan..." Something like that. Awesome. :p

  4. Jen Says:

    It's Charlotte, NC here for another weekend mimi-blog-reading extravaganza!! I saw the bundaberg gingerbeer at world market this week and decided to pick up a $6 four-pack, but alas then I discovered it was diet and I only go for pure sugary goodness. Maybe next time; although it seemed they only carried diet. oh yes, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I was hoping to get home sometime today and try skype out on my new laptop with the built in videocam that rocks (my other was a plug in from... i guess from when I was dating matt, which was way before aaron! OLD) but we were out all day until 7:00pm. hope it was a great one! xoxo

  5. Mimi and Joe Says:

    @ Cristin - Don't be embarrassed by catching the Tim Tam fever! At least they aren't googling "Love affairs with earth movers" :)

    @ Morgan - Good point, although I am sure that there are a bunch of Aussies who utilize that too. I actually think it is because there is such a big ex-pat blogging community here and we all read each-others blogs.

    @ Cory - Awesome... lovely story you newly engaged thing you! Have I mentioned how excited I am for you and Greg? And Vi too of course - need to Skype soon!

    @ Jen - $6 FOR A FOUR PACK????? Sheesh - It is like $3.50 for one bottle here... I swear, everything is just so insanely expensive here. I promise I will respond to your email in the next couple of day and I will make it nice and chatty :) I'd love to Skype whenever you want to set up a date ;)

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