Bad Habit

I wanted to blog a couple of days ago about something and I didn't...  I didn't because I told myself that I didn't have enough news or photos for a "real" blog post.  I have gotten myself into the mindset that a blog entry has to be very very long with at least 4 bajillion (yes, it's a real word - look it up) photos to match.

So, I need to get myself out of this habit.  I will begin by now posting the post that I wanted to post the other day- Ha!

So, Monday morning I had an absolutely incredible dream about my Dad.  I have dreams about my parents all the time; but, in those dreams, they are more like ideas or shadows.  Hard to grab on to and even harder to hold on to long enough to try to see their faces in the dreams.  Not this one....  I dreamed we were having some sort of family reunion.  My Uncle Ray was there rocking a fantastic pin striped suit.  My Dad showed up and the two of them started talking about clothes (in the dream, my Dad was claiming to have lost weight and wanted to buy new clothes - even though he looked the same to me) and where to buy them - especially the suit which my Dad was quite impressed with.  I remember being conscious enough to realise that I could see Dad's face and that it really felt like he was there.  At this point, I didn't feel like a player in the dream; but I was more than content to sit and watch - this was the most I had seen of my Dad's face in a dream for years!

Then my Dad saw me.  His face lit up like someone turned a spotlight on behind it.  He rushed over to me and started talking a mile a minute.  At one point he grabbed my hands and held them.  I just remember everything slowing down - I couldn't even pay attention to what he was saying because I couldn't stop looking at his face.  He was laughing and making all those little facial expressions that you are afraid you will forget as time slips by. I remember reaching up and putting my hand on his face - I could smell his shaving soap and feel his stubble.  I was, in that moment, a little kid again; but somehow not.

And then I woke up - just like that....

It was weird - I woke up and Joe had already left for work.  He never leaves without waking me up to say goodbye and kiss me. I called him to make sure everything was ok and he told me that he hadn't woke me because I seemed to be having such a good sleep.  I'm so glad he decided to let me sleep that morning...

If my Dad were alive, it would be his 77th birthday tomorrow.  I would probably be buying him a nice pair of courderouy pants.  Except, I think what he really would have wanted was a pin striped suit...

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  1. Samantha Says:

    That is such a beautiful dream and gift, Mimi! I am so happy for you! That pic is too cute!

  2. Mimi and Joe Says:

    Thanks Samantha - it really was so completely wonderful!

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