This was all I could come up with...

This is about my eighteenth attempt at writing a blog post in so many days. One of the posts during last week’s spate of beautiful weather in the 70’s was titled “Spring has Sprung!”  I deleted that one because really, how many times can you write “It’s so warm!!  I love sunshine!” before you realise it’s a crap post? (It’s about 6 times by the way – at least that’s how many I wrote before I deleted the entry).  

Anyway,  I stole an idea from another blogger for this entry and it’s so easy that I know I will actually write it.  Basically, I am just going to list some non-sequiturs from my recent life in bullet points below and then you will all be filled in on how exciting my life is.  No really… 

Ok, here goes:

  • In Australia, you are supposed to drive (AND WALK) on the left.  This bullet point is for the crazy woman in Cook and Phillips park this morning who walked straight towards us on the right (direction not degree of correctness) of the side walk and then made us stop completely and shuffle around so that she wouldn't have to walk on the correct side of the side walk.  I hope that you are reading this!

  • I had cinnamon toast for brekkie this morning and it was magical.  Not cinnamon bread that was toasted - oh no!  This was white bread toasted with cinnamon sugar on top.  Joe was sick this week and one night for dinner he made himself cinnamon toast - I wasn't even paying attention till he sat down with it and the smell hit me.  It was one of those visceral scents that transport you to a time in your childhood.  I think the last time I had cinnamon toast like that was when I was living at home and my Mom made it for me.  I can't believe I forgot about it - it's so comforting and delicious especially with a hot cup of tea.

  • Joe and I are going on a date night tonight - we have both been sick with horrible flu/cold/coughs and since we are now all recovered we will be celebrating with dinner and a movie in the city.

  • It really irritates me when I get a work email that someone has signed only with their initial.  I know they don't mean anything by it; but to me it says, "I'm so busy and important that I can't be stuffed to write my full name for you..."

  • I am hosting a pierogi party at our place sometime in the next month where lots of people will come over, I will teach them how to make yummy pierogis, we will make them all day and then we will all have dozens to keep in the freezer like little bags of gold!  This party necessitated me buying a pasta maker and I treated myself to a gorgeous black Atlas beauty.

  • Best for Last....  My husband has the greatest sense of humour...  We have a slow leak in the S pipe under our sink.  I have a little bowl under it catching the drips; but it seems to be getting worse.  I asked Joe to email our real estate agent about it and, let me tell you, if I had wrote the email it would have been matter of fact, boring and no frills.  This is the email that Joe sent:

"Hi __________,

I'm sad to report that the recent spat of cold weather has given our kitchen sink S-pipe a bit of the sniffles. It has a pretty persistent drip that no amount of tissues and love seems to cure. It's making a bit of a mess of the cupboard under the sink. Would you mind sending the plumbing doctor over for a house call?"

Isn't he just the cutest?
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  1. Anonymous Says:

    And we're heading into back to school weather here. (sigh) It's also incredibly wet, and our chimney has a terrible case of the sniffles as well. Unfortunately, the chimney doctor is charging us five or six hundred for a cure, and health insurance doesn't cover it. : (

    "J" (I'm so important, you're just going to have to try to figure out who this is)

    Okay, I'll give you a hint: I have the cutest kids in the Universe (which is Most Likely Narcissistic). ; )

    Need another hint? My pooch is very cute but very annoying.

    Call me if you need another hint.

  2. Mimi and Joe Says:

    You are a clever girl, oh Julie my sister!

    I love you bunches and tons - thanks for all the contact lately... Phone calls, seeing the kids on Skype, recipes in my email, comments on my blog and FB. I appreciate these things more than I could ever tell you!

  3. Anonymous Says:

    How did I miss this post? I love your humor about how many times can you write "I love Sunshine!" ... I could read a post daily about the crazy mind-games bloggers put themselves through -- I used to have to one. :-) I hope you're not too exhausted after your Pierogi Party -- that sounds like it's gonna be a doozy.
    And I will call your husband funny, and if it were mine I would think it was cute. See FB post on Pioneers and Princesses.
    Nat (I do this all the time, I swear!)

  4. Mimi and Joe Says:

    Oh Nat - It's Monday and I'm still exhausted! It lasted almost 12 hours and the preparation and clean-up was extensive! Totally worth it though - made new friends and we all left with about 2 dozen pierogis each. It was a smashing success and I can't wait to post the pictures with detailed instructions!

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