Revisiting my List

I was checking out some new blog followers when I came across someone who wants to move to Australia.  She posted a list on her blog of things that she wanted to do once she got here and she stated that she got the idea from another blogger (and kept some of the original items).  As I read my way down the list, I realised that the list came from me!  It was only my fourth entry in this blog and it has been so long since I wrote it that I had almost forgotten about it.  I went back and read through it and I thought it might be fun to re-visit it now that we have been living here for a year.  Anyway, thanks Jay Jay (hope you are reading this) for reminding me about this and I hope your immigration process goes smoothly!  You will love it here!

Here is the original list:

  • Visit Fiji at least once

  • Take a vacation to Thailand/Singapore/Malaysia/Philippines

  • Visit Melbourne - This was a fun trip; but I didn't really connect to Melbourne as a city.  It just made me miss Sydney.

  • Drive the Great Ocean Road - This was incredible!  I fully plan on going back again soon and doing this again.  I saw more beautiful things on a weekend during this trip than I have ever seen in my life.

  • Snorkel at the Great Barrier Reef

  • Visit Tasmania

  • Visit both New Zealand Islands - Not done yet; but we are going for 2 weeks with Joe's parents right before Christmas

  • Take a tour through wine country - Not sure why I was so vague with this one when I wrote it?  Which region?  I didn't know there were so many!  Anyway, we are going to the Margaret River Valley in a few weeks and I can cross this one off!

  • Go to Japan

  • Stay at one really upscale resort in one of the places listed above

  • Go to the Taronga Zoo - This was really cool - I went with a friend who got me on her family pass.  I can't get over how expensive the entry fee is; but it would be worth it at least once just to see it - it's a great zoo.

  • Walk through the Botanical Gardens - Happy to report that I've done this a fair number of times!  So many times, in fact, that I can't even tally them all up...

  • Go to a show at the Sydney Opera House at least once - Still haven't done this!  What is wrong with me?  I see that Opera House EVERY DAY and I still have not been inside... I am asking Joe for tickets to something for my birthday and we are getting this done. 

  • Visit every famous Sydney Beach - Again, I'm not even sure what I was thinking when I wrote this...  I'm not even sure if I know what all the famous beaches are in Sydney.  I've been to Manly, Balmoral, Bondi. Coogee, Tamarama, Clovelley and Bronte.  What am I missing?  Maybe Curl Curl and Dee Why?

  • Take a vacation to Hawaii

  • Have a picnic in all of the famous Sydney Parks - Again...  What parks are the famous ones?  Well, I eat my lunch in Cook and Phillip park all the time; but that isn't really famous.  Obviously, we have supped in many of the aspects of the Botanical Gardens.  Surprisingly enough, we have never had a picnic in Hyde Park.  I walk through it every day to and from work; but I've never eaten there.  Oh Wait!  I take it back!  We went to the Night Noodle Markets there, sat on some newspapers, ate pork buns and split a bottle of wine.  Sounds like a picnic to me!  Am I missing some famous parks?

  • Take a cruise through Sydney Harbour - Does taking the ferry back and forth every day count?  I think we will do one of those touristy sight-seeing cruises when Joe's parents come at Christmas

  • See Mrs. Macquaries Chair - Indeed, and have the pictures to prove it!  Not sure why I thought this was that important?  It was cool and all; but I'm not sure it belongs on a list with a trip to Fiji.... Just sayin...

  • Attend the open-air cinema - I'm crossing this one off even though we never got to go to the St. George cinema in the Botanical Gardens (which is the specific one that I was writing about).  We did purchase season tickets for the Starlight cinemas at the North Sydney Oval and spent many an evening under the stars watching movies...

  • Hold a koala - Now that I've seen koalas in the wild on our Great Ocean Road trip, I have less desire to hold one.  Seeing one seemed to fill whatever koala shaped hole was in my life at the time I wrote this..

  • See a kangaroo - I'm not going to cross this off since I've only seen one in the zoo - I don't think it counts till you see one in the wild...

  • I think I've done pretty good so far with crossing things off this list - next year is definitely the year for Fiji!  Now that we've been here for a while, I think I need to sit down and draw up a new list.  Perhaps this time I'll keep it out in the open instead of burying it in a blog post and not looking at it for a year!
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    1. erietta Says:

      Heya Mimi - you will definitely get to see a kangaroo if you go to Canberra. They are everywhere. Reasons to visit Canberra:
      - Parliament House (although this could be a reason to not visit Canberra
      - The War Memorial
      - The National Gallery (worthwhile if there is a good show on)

    2. Florida Girl In Sydney Says:

      Your list looks my the list I had in my head. And I agree on Melbourne and Taronga Zoo!

    3. Jay Jay Says:

      haha!! Ur welcome! :) I loved the idea..Im sure u'll get to do the rest soon ;) ..Thanks for reading my post! :P

      Take care :)

    4. Cory Markowitz Says:


    5. The Meanderers Says:

      I TOTALLY wish I had done this! I had imagined a list in my head, and the longer I'm in Oz (I'm an expat living in Brisbane) the more I realize I'm missing things in Australian every day life.

      So I'll make out my list this weekend... better late than never. T

      hanks for the idea! : )

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