Melbourne Trip

I had heard a lot about Melbourne before we went for our visit - in retrospect, I probably heard too much because my expectations were sky-high.  I was impressed driving in from the airport on Thursday night - the streets were wide (if you live in Sydney you will get why that is a big deal) and the city looked large and very planned.  We finally arrived and checked in to The Rialto around 10pm - I knew it was going to be a good stay when they took our bags from us and took them up to the room while we were getting checked in.  The room was sumptuous - not huge; but well appointed.

Every single detail was perfect and the shower alone was worth the price tag.  Joe immediately collapsed into the luxurious bed; but, me being me, I needed to take a couple of hours to wind down.  I decided to unpack and settle the room - and check out the mini-bar.  Then I decided that I wanted a bourbon and ginger; but there was no little ice/freezer compartment in the fridge.  I pressed the "instant service" button on the phone, asked for ice and was promised that it would be delivered promptly.  It was...  in a silver bucket big enough to bathe a baby in, on an additional silver platter, with a doily.  I could have made hundreds of drinks with all that ice!  Anyway, drink in hand, I finished unpacking and then decided to give the shower an inaugural run still with drink in hand.  It was perfect.... enough said....

We ventured out the following day for a self-guided walking tour of the city...  It was very quiet since it was Good Friday and not much was open; but we still had a great little wander.  There was a lot that I liked about Melbourne; but there was a lot that I didn't.  The little lane ways were gorgeous.... This one in particular, full of graffiti art was one of my favourites.  We walked around the CBD, went to Southbank, walked around Federation Square and rounded out the day with dinner in Fitzroy.  Back to the hotel for a nightcap and called it a day.

Saturday the city was much more vibrant - everything was open and there were tourists everywhere!  We had to pick up our rental car around 3 so we had an early breakfast at the hotel and headed out again.  We went to the Observation deck at the top of the Eureka tower.  It was cool seeing the city laid out like that and I got to see where the Australian Open is held (fairly easy to spot due to the massive quantity of blue courts).  It made me realise that we still have not been to the top of the tower in Sydney - We will have to rectify that this Spring (Fall if you are reading this in America) when Joe's parents come to visit.  We wandered some more and ended up at a Yum Cha restaurant looking out over the river for lunch and then went to pick up our rental  car.

Side note - I was nervous using Europcar as I had never used them and they seemed very "Budget-esque"; but they were the only ones with cars left when I was planning the trip so I had no choice.  I have to say though, very very good service - nicer even than Hertz!

Anyway, that was the end of the Melbourne portion of our trip - here are some more photos for your viewing pleasure.....

This guy was crazy-talented!

I've just realised that I now have a picture of Australia's highest restaurant and now Australia's highest postbox - apparently, instead of getting into the giant things that are so prevalent here, I am now into the highest things!

This picture is for Matt

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