A New Year

I went through a period in my life where I was big on New Years resolutions - I'm over that phase and instead of making a horrifying list with things on it like "Drink 3 litres of water everyday" or "Spend less money" I now just try to take a couple of days early on in the year for some reflection.  Firstly, I make a list of things, people, experiences etc... that I am thankful for (yes, I know that's what Thanksgiving is for) and, where I can, I try to thank them or pay something back or forward if I can.  Secondly, I try to be really honest with myself about the things that I really failed at throughout the year; but conversely, I recognise the places where I excelled - where I improved and then I try to build on them for the next year.

Honestly, I haven't really sat down to have "the big think" for this year yet; but some initial findings have become crystal clear.  Moving to this great country has had it's ups and downs.  More ups than down (Although, I confess I still struggle with the Anti-Americanism that I find so often); and so so so much learned from this whole experience.  My marriage is starting this New Year with a depth of love and shared experience that is overwhelming.

I've made friends here - incredible, generous, funny, wonderful people that enrich my life on a regular basis.  Friends that I can even see every day for a whole week and not get sick of!

Seriously though, this year is going to require an especially long "think".  If I find anything interesting I'll let you know.

I've posted below a video that I took of the New Years Fireworks - It's quite long and you can hear my uncontrollable giggling and laughing (a side effect of champagne and excitement).  It's also shaky and very "homemade" - so, I recommend forwarding to the last couple minutes to catch the grand finale.  Or, if you have no interest in hearing my super-annoying voice, you can watch the one below this one that was professionally taped!  If you have the time, I would watch both - if you are short on time I would definitely watch the professional one!

Just a quick note about the fireworks - They have a very good show at nine for the kids and then the regular ones at midnight (I think this is brilliant).  Also, they shoot them off from many different locations in the Harbour so that, depending on where you are, you can see the same thing as everyone else (I think this is brilliant as well).  So, the ones to the left in my video were being shot off from Ft. Dennison; but there were more to the left of that and them three other places on the right of the bridge.  It was nice cause there was a view from all the windows in the apartment!  They also shoot fireworks off the tops of the skyscrapers in the CBD - this city is crazy about it's fireworks! 

Anyway, enjoy!  I hope you had a wonderful New Years celebration - I'll see you again soon!

My amateur video:

The video that's really good!

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  1. Erin Says:

    Happy New Year Mimi! I'm so glad 2010 has brought you such goodness and most especially the enriched marriage and the new friends. I wish you the very best for 2011. Oh and your New Year's view is lovely!.

  2. Mimi and Joe Says:

    Thanks Erin! I hope you also had a wonderful New Years. I remember following your blog a while back but it moved? I've got the new link now so you will hopefully be seeing more of me!

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Mimi, This is a really cool video. I love the post... Matt

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