Aria Restaurant Sydney - 24 hours and counting.....

There is this great couple that recently moved to Sydney from Atlanta.  Their names are Mollie and Dan and their blog is here.  The reason why I bring them up is due to the fact that we have a date with them tomorrow night - a date I have been looking forward to for a month - A date to eat incredible food...

The idea hatched itself over some glasses of wine (could it have happened in any other setting?) - basically, the four of us love to eat really incredible meals in top restaurants and we are blessed enough in our lives to have the means by which to pay for these meals.  So, we decided to make a list of the top restaurants in Sydney (after all, we are in a foodie's paradise - why not take advantage of it?) and then eat at one every month.  Obviously there are going to be some hiccups in the plan as we will be in New Zealand for a good chunk of December and will need to skip that month; but the four of us are also pretty easy going so no rigid schedule is being adhered to.

This month, November, is our first month in action on this plan.  We chose the restaurant Aria (when I say we, I mean Mollie and myself - the poor guys are just arm candy for this project!) which is located just before the forecourt of the Opera House and has a lovely view of both the Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

I think any food tastes better when consumed looking at a view like this

The restaurant is owned and run by celebrity chef Matt Moran who is most recently famous for guest-judging on the third season of Masterchef Australia.  Side note, if you don't download and watch this show, you should.... I think it's better than the American version and that's really saying something...

As you might have guessed by now, I'm more than a little excited about our dinner there tomorrow night.  I think we've all agreed to go with the tasting menu (always my favourite way to eat since you get to try lots of things) and with good reason.  Check this baby out:

sashimi and tartare of yellow fin tuna with yabbie tails, cucumber ,honeydew melon and wasabi

chicken and foie gras parfait with a salad of smoked duck, rhubarb and black pepper
roasted fillet of King salmon with fennel, orange and watercress

with dumplings, shaved abalone and mushrooms
Kurobuta pork belly with pork croquette and caramelised apple
roasted fillet with ricotta gnocchi, pumpkin and mustard fruit purée and a sage and balsamic sauce
panna cotta with pistachios, balsamic strawberries and strawberry sorbet

Suffice to say, my mouth is already watering!

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Aria is one of my all time favourite restaurants in the world! Just make sure they don't sit you behind a pillar, which can happen to a number of tables in the front of the restaurant.
    PS - hope Quay is on your list too.

  2. C. In Oz Says:

    If you guys go to Quay, I want to come. I'll save up for it. My friend in France sent me this blog post, and now I want want want want want ...

  3. Lakshvenetia Says:

    Oh yes i heard about this place.Last time i visited Sydney i did want to dine in this restaurant. But unfortunately i couldn't as my friend took for a dinner party on the Magistic dinner party Cruise. It was fantastic experience to be on board. I love to dine on water front restaurants. Next time i will make it a point to visit our esteemed restaurant.

  4. Catriona Ling Says:

    ENJOY! - feel capital letters are warranted. We went there for my visiting brother's 40th and in a spectacular finale the harbour was lit by celebratory fireworks - not for us I hasten to add but made him feel very special. My mouth now watering and am feeling very dissatisfied with tonight's offering of macaroni and cheese.


  5. Mimi and Joe Says:

    Hey Bec - Quay is most definitely on our list! I think the waiting list is about 3 months; but I think we would want to go in April so that's ok :)

    Cristin - Holy Crap! That looked like a stunning meal! You and Neb should definitely come along - the more the merrier!

    Catriona -Thanks love! I'm sure it will be an experience to be remembered. Although now I am expecting fireworks and I have great fears that I may be let down ;)

  6. Fiona Says:

    Hey there! Just discovered your blog via The Bloggess' comments and couldn't resist stopping by because my husband and I recently dined at Aria! It was fabulous and I hope the four of you have a wonderful time.

  7. Mrs Woog Says:

    Try Ottoman as well. It is up there x

  8. ATLgirl Says:

    Mimi - I can't believe I am just seeing your post. It was amazing, wasn't it?


  9. Unknown Says:

    Miss your Posts! Hope all is well

  10. lilDdownunder Says:

    Yeah, he does, off of Military Rd (down near where Blue Plate Bar and Grill is) and I'm at North Sydney now. I had forgotten that's the area you guys live in. C was suggesting a meet up, once I get my head wrapped around my commute, I think we should! :)

  11. Anonymous Says:

    you have us worried, hope you are okay.

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